The Spanish singer took advantage of the celebration of her album ‘Motomami’ to send a message to all her followers about her current personal situation.

Talented Spanish singer Rosalía celebrated the second anniversary of the release of her acclaimed album ‘Motomami’ with an emotional reflection on her career and personal life.

The album, which was released at a crucial moment in her artistic career, has been a turning point in the career of Rauw Alejandro’s ex-partner, consolidating her as one of the most acclaimed and revolutionary artists in contemporary urban music.

In a post on her social media, Rosalía shared with her followers her thoughts about the meaning of ‘Motomami’ in her life and career. The artist expressed her gratitude to all those who have supported and accompanied her on her journey since the launch of her project in 2022.

What did Rosalía say for the second anniversary of her album ‘Motomami’?

“Lately I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster in my life as you know, but as you also know I’m a woman who goes to death with everything I do and I really want to make more music, more worlds, to get into more trouble,” wrote Rosalía.

“And to give more thanks, thanks, thanks, not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine what ‘Motomami’ has ended up being and it is because of you,” concluded the interpreter of ‘Con Altura’, ‘Bizochito’, ‘Desphá’, among others. topics.


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