Did Romeo Santos suffer cardiac arrest? This is what is known about his state of health. (Photo: social networks)

It was confirmed that the famous singer Romeo Santos is in good health and with his family.

Romeo Santos He had been worrying his fans from various parts of the world because in the last few hours it was reported that he would be going through a difficult moment of health at 42 years old.

Several international media outlets such as ‘El Heraldo’, ‘El Debate’ and more stated that the ‘Indecent Proposal’ performer had suffered a heart attack while he was doing exercises at home, and was rushed to a hospital.


Therefore, the information was barely disseminated, Romeo Santos It became a trend on social networks, since his followers were the most concerned and were waiting to know what was really happening with the ‘King of Bachata’.

For the peace of mind of your audience, Fashion Radio He was able to exclusively contact a source very close to the artist, making it clear that everything is fine and the singer is not in any danger. “The news is false, Romeo Santos He is fine, with his family. “He doesn’t know where they got that information from,” he said.

As you remember, days ago Romeo Santos He expressed his gratitude on his Instagram for the success of his 2023 tour. Even the same interpreter of ‘Enséñame a Olvidar’ stated that his ‘Cerrandociclos’ tour would continue through several cities in the United States and Canada for 2024.


On the social networks of Romeo Santos, fans had left messages of support while waiting for an official statement on his health. “I hope you’re okay,” “Tell us it was just a scare,” and “I’ve been praying for you” were some of his most popular comments.

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