REVOLUTION SAINTSthe band led by Deen Castronovovocalist and drummer JourneyHe has launched “Fall On My Knees«, the third single from their new full-length album, «Against The Winds«. The topic is accompanied by a video.

Along with his rock colleagues, the bassist Jeff Pilson (known for his work with Foreigner and previously in Dokken) and the guitarist Joel Hoekstra (of Whitesnake and Night Ranger), the new iteration – REVOLUTION SAINTS MKII – is here to reignite the fervor for melodic rock.

«Against The Winds«, produced and composed mainly by Alessandro Del Vecchio (who also contributes keyboards and background vocals), delivers what you’d expect: captivating vocals, enchanting melodies, and hooks that will stay in your mind for days.

With this album, REVOLUTION SAINTS exhibits a greater sense of cohesion, energy and emotion. They cement their status as giants of the genre, and this album unquestionably reaffirms why they belong at the top once again.

Watch the video of «Fall On My Knees” next:

REVOLUTION SAINTS was initially conceived by Serafino PeruginoPresident and Director of A&R of Frontiers Recordsto showcase the extraordinary vocal talent of Deen Castronovo. Although Castronovo He had always been respected as a drummer, who noticed his background vocals and witnessed his performances as lead vocals during the band’s concerts. Journeythey soon recognized her exceptional skill as a singer.

REVOLUTION SAINTS was and continues to be a platform to highlight the incredible vocal abilities of deen. Asks “Against The Winds» here.



«Against The Winds»
«Changing My Mind»
«Fall On My Knees»
«Can’t End It Right Now»
«Lost In Damnation»
«Will I See You Again»
«Show Me Your Light»
“Save All That Remains”
«Been Said And Done»
“Diving Wings”
“No Turning Back”


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