The They reproached the American Justice this Thursday “use a double standard” with the former president and the current president, who will not be charged even though the special prosecutor has concluded that he intentionally withheld classified documents from his time as vice president.

Americans expect equal justice under the law and are dismayed that the Justice Department continue to allow Joe Biden live above it“, indicated in a statement the president of the Oversight and Accountability Committee of the House of Representatives, James Comer.

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Biden has been the subject of investigation since they were found at his home in Delaware and in a private office classified documents from the time he was vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Trump, Republican candidate for next November’s elections, was also investigated for retaining official documents in his mansion in Florida when he left power, but he was charged with 40 charges since for months he refused to hand them over.

Comer pointed out that the investigation opened against Biden by his committee, different from that of the Department of Justice, “unravel the narrative” that both the Democratic president and his lawyers maintain in this regard.

Important questions remain about the extent to which it retains confidential materials (…). Although the Department of Justice has closed its investigation, that of the Supervisory Committee keep going. We will continue to provide the transparency and accountability owed to the American people.“, held.

For the president of the House of Representatives, Michael Johnsonthe decision of the special prosecutor, Robert Huris “deeply disturbing”.

Among the most disturbing parts of the report is the justification for not recommending charges: namely, that the president’s memory had such ‘significant limitations’” that the prosecutor could not convince the jury that the president was capable of the premeditation that a crime of that type requires.

According to Johnson, a man “too incapable“to be blamed for mishandling classified information”is certainly incapacitated” to occupy the White House.

Hur pointed out this Thursday that although there is evidence that Biden intentionally withheld classified documents from his time as vice president, there is not sufficient justification to file charges against him.

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In his document he adds that Biden showed a “significantly limited memory” during his interrogations in 2023.

The conservative congressman Jim Jordanpresident of Judicial Committee of the Lower Housenoted in X that the prosecutor’s report demonstrates “two things: there is a double standard in justice in this country and Joe Biden is not fit for office”.

The Republican also stressed the same line Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the strongest legislators in her defense of Trump. “If Joe Biden is not mentally fit to stand trial, then he certainly is not mentally fit to be president of USA. It’s time to do something about it”, he concluded.


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