Rauw Alejandro published some images of his trip to Tokyo and fans quickly associated him with his ex-partner, the Spanish singer Rosalía.

Rauw Alejandro has lit up social media again with new images from his trip to Tokyo. The snapshots, published on her X account (formerly Twitter), have been associated as a hint to her ex-partner, Rosalía, who liked the Japanese capital.

The past link between Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía has been the subject of great interest on the part of the followers of both artists, who have been attentive to any indication that links the two artists.

The Puerto Rican artist’s trip to Tokyo has been a constant source of intrigue and speculation for his fans. According to international media, the ‘Shooting’ singer is with his friends.

Does Rauw Alejandro miss Rosalía?

One of Rauw Alejandro’s postcards in Japan has been related to the ‘Motomami’. The musician is enjoying a ramen. However, according to Europa FM, “this is the same establishment where Rosalía went to record the video clip for her song ‘Tuya’.” For this reason, fans exploded, launching the theory that misses the ‘Con alta’ artist.


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