The Russian president, ruled out this Thursday that his Government’s relationship with depends on a change in the presidency of the North American country, and has rather to do with “the idea of ​​domination” that has on the world.

In his interview with the controversial American journalist Tucker Carlsonthe first he offers to a Western journalist, Putin emphasizes that when it comes to USAIt is not about who the leader is or the personality of a specific person, but about the elites themselves: it is the idea of ​​domination at all costs based on the dominant forces in American society.”.

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He acknowledges, for example, that he had a good relationship with George Bush Jr.and also (I have had) that personal relationship with (Donald) Trump”, he adds, but he downplays the importance of people.

He then reflects on the United States: “It is a complex country. Conservative on the one hand, rapidly changing on the other… it’s not easy to understand“, he insists, before entering into a discussion on the complexity of his electoral system: “Who makes the decisions in the elections? Can it be understood that each State has its laws, that it regulates itself?”.

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It was expected that in this interview Carlson would ask more emphatically about donald trumpa politician who is very close to him, but Vladimir Putin He avoided making further references to Trump and thereby did not give – as was feared to happen – messages that could be seen as interference in the upcoming US elections in November.


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