Nvidia has revealed Project G-Assist, a program designed to help PC users by giving them access to more game knowledge through the use of generative AI.

“Whether it’s a new player trying a game for the first time, and overwhelmed by massive skill trees, or a seasoned veteran looking for that perfect weapon to min-max that DPS build, many of us spend hours researching, scouring the internet to learn , to dig deeper and ultimately enjoy more of what the game has to offer,” Nvidia senior project manager Guillermo Siman said in the Project G-Assist pitch video. “This is where Project G-Assist comes in. It uses AI to make sure information is readily available whenever we need it.”

Siman added that G-Assist works by taking in speech or a text prompt from a player and then adds context from the screen. This is then fed into a large language model enhanced by the developer’s game-knowledge database, and these AI models can run on the cloud or can be locally accelerated by a GeForce RTX GPU. To demonstrate its potential, Nvidia has partnered with Studio Wildcard to demo the technology through Ark: Survival Ascended. Project G-Assist will help answer questions about creatures, items, lore, objectives, difficult bosses, and more in the survival game.

Where G-Assist could come in more handy on PC is through the optimization of games. While Nvidia does offer a PC-optimization tool through its GeForce Experience app, Project G-Assist could potentially fine-tune a gaming system for optimal performance and efficiency based on an individual user’s hardware. Nvidia says that depending on the system, Project G-Assist could apply a safe overclock and even intelligently reduce power consumption while aiming to reach a performance target.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a company has attempted to evolve gaming guides and walkthroughs. The PlayStation 5 console launched with a Game Help feature meant to provide assistance in titles, although only a few games have provided in-depth guides through this option. Sony also announced Community Game Help for PS5 In March, a new “enhancement” for Game Help utilizing user-generated content to help players out of difficult situations in games. It’ll be going live later this year.