He youngest son of of you will receive “substantial additional compensation” from the (MGN) in relation to a series of lawsuits that were pending in the case of illegal wiretapping that confronted both parties, as revealed this Friday by its legal team.

Lawyer David Sherbornewhich represents the prince harryrevealed today that his client had reached a financial agreement with the aforementioned group, after a hearing held before the High Court in London in which he was not present.

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Sherborne noted that MGN has agreed to compensate the prince for damages and will also assume all costs derived from this lawsuit, which include individual and common costs, and which could amount to about 400,000 pounds (about 468,000 euros).

We are pleased to have reached this agreement, which provides our business with greater clarity to turn the page on the events that occurred many years ago and for which we have apologized“said, for his part, a spokesperson for the MGN in a statement.

In a statement read by Sherborne On behalf of Prince Harry, he highlighted the “positive change” that the resolution of the case will bring.

“As I said in December, our mission continues. I believe in the positive change this will bring to all of us. It’s the real reason I started this, and why I will continue until the end.”pointed out the duke.

He also criticized the journalist Piers Morgan -former director of Mirror– for his “continuous attacks” towards him.

We again ask the authorities to make the law prevail and to show that no one is above it. This includes Morganwho as director knew perfectly well what was happening, as the judge considered”he added.

Last December, the judge Timothy Fancourt already ruled that the prince was a victim of hacking by the aforementioned group to obtain exclusive information about his private life and determined that he should receive compensation of 140,600 pounds (about 163,096 euros).

So he London High Court He agreed with him in 15 of the 33 journalistic articles that, according to Enrique, had been prepared based on information obtained through illegal means between 2003 and 2009.

Prince Henry, who lives in the US with his wife, Meghanand his two children, initiated that legal process against the owner of newspapers such as the tabloids “Sunday Mirror“, “Daily Mirror” and Sunday People” – accusing him of having used dubious practices such as tapping phones and hiring detectives to obtain information and sell newspapers.

After Prince Harry’s criticism against Morganhe wrote on his X account (former Twitter) that he agreed with the duke about the interference of the press.

“I totally agree with the prince harry in which the ruthless intrusion into the private life of the family real for financial gain is absolutely criticizable…. and I hope he stops doing it,” Morgan said in clear reference to the fact that the prince criticized his own family through the Netflix platform.


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