First appeared on Active Traveler 20 Nov 2023

Words: Anna Blackwell

Photo above: DMTwo

Sitting back in my kayak, I allowed the gentle, rhythmic rise and fall of the sea swell to wash over me, clearing my mind of the busy-ness that had occupied it in the run up to my trip. Carefully twisting round to look over my shoulder, I saw a deepening orange glow on the horizon. Sunrise was imminent.

My alarm had woken me at 6am. Soon after, my two kayaking companions and I had paddled away from the beach in darkness, head torches illuminating our way. Now, as the sky lightened, I could see the limestone cliffs rising high above us, blue waves lapping gently against their base. Our breakfast of traditional Menorcan food was carefully packed in our guide’s kayak, ready to be served when we reached Cala Macarelleta, one of Menorca’s many secluded, picturesque coves.

Photo: DMTwo

Menorca is one of the lesser visited Balearic Islands, often overshadowed by nearby Ibiza and Mallorca. With its 216km of pristine coastline, turquoise waters and temperate climate throughout the year, it would be easy to think of Menorca as just another beach holiday destination, or party island like its neighbors. Instead, it offers something different, combining tranquility conducive to a relaxing holiday with an energy all of its own, which encourages you to throw yourself into the activities on offer.


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