The famous reggaeton artist launched an acid criticism of the father of Shakira’s children, who recently released his new album ‘Las mujeres ya no Llorn’.

Ozuna launched some forceful statements against Gerard Piqué, the famous ex-footballer and ex-partner of the singer Shakira. The words of ‘Negrito ojos Claro’ took place after the release of the Colombian star’s new album, titled ‘Las mujeres ya no Llorn’.

The Barranquilla artist’s album, which was created with great expectations from her followers, has become a topic of conversation not only for its artistic content but also for the recent revelations associated with her personal life.

The lyrics of the project have been interpreted by many as a window to Shakira’s heart after her high-profile separation from the sports businessman after alleged acts of infidelity by the father of her children.

What was Ozuna’s message to Piqué about Shakira?

On his Instagram account, Ozuna published a photo with Shakira and did not hesitate to send a bitter message to the former FC Barcelona player: “I don’t know what Piqué was thinking. Look at this goddess, a very beautiful queen, Shakira. Congratulations my ‘Shak’.”


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