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‘You are my good’ with Christian and Noel breaks it on YouTube. Photo: Facebook

After collaborating with Group 5, Argentine singer Noel Schajris expressed that he is in love with QQQumbia

At the big concert of the ‘golden night’ of the Team 5 which was held at the Exhibition Park Amphitheater, one of the great guests was the Argentine singer and member of Sin Bandera, Noel Schajris. Precisely, the artist remembered this experience with emotion and did not rule out recording cumbia.

In an interview for the newspaper Correo, he said: “We really liked it when we sang with Christian Yaipén ‘You are my good’, it was very funny. Cumbia is incredible, those of us who are crazy about dancing love it because it is easy to dance.”


Likewise, he expressed that the meeting with the Team 5 He loved it a lot and it was a nice experience, so he doesn’t rule out recording cumbia, whether it’s a song or an entire project.

Photo: Facebook

‘You are my good’ with Christian and Noel breaks it on YouTube

The special version of ‘You are my good’ that was performed by Christian Yaipén and the Argentine singer Noel Schajris at Group 5’s ‘Golden Night’, which was held at the Exhibition Park Amphitheater in 2022, is a complete success with more than 26 million views on YouTube.

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