Maluma has fans all over the world and also of all ages. In the last few hours, a video showing a Spanish lady excited to attend the artist’s concert with a personalized t-shirt has caused a sensation on TikTok. Some images to which Papi Juancho himself has reacted.

The video was shared by @xtawie, daughter of the star of this video. The post captures the moment when a mother enters the kitchen happy and wearing her personalized t-shirt to go see Maluma live.

On the front you can see the face of the famous Colombian next to that of the lady and the three friends with whom he would attend the show, while on the back it says: “Happy four,” in reference to the popular song by Maluma.

The publication not only caught the attention of millions of users, but also reached Maluma himself, who was quick to react. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” commented the artist, who also shared the video on his own account, further amplifying his reach.