A total of 6,826 people have been arrested in during the first 31 days of the declaration by the Government of a “” against organized crime, of which 241 were arrested for alleged terrorism.

The figure comes from the latest daily balance of the Government of Ecuador published this Friday about the police and military operations carried out in the national territory under this new scenario, where 22 gangs of the organized crime They have been considered terrorist groups and belligerent non-state actors.

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Between January 9 and February 8 Ecuadorian authorities They also claim to have killed seven alleged members of these gangs now classified as terrorists, while two police officers were murdered and another eleven were freed from different kidnappings apparently carried out by these mafias.

During that period, 2,185 firearms, 3,134 bladed weapons, 1,207 feeders (chargers) of weapons, about 150,000 bullets and about 11,500 explosives.

The law enforcement agencies Ecuador They have also seized some 48 tons of drugs and more than 1.1 million dollars cash.

According to the balance of ExecutiveIn these 31 days there were thirteen attacks on public and private infrastructure and the same number on police establishments.

Law enforcement agencies have deployed more than 83,400 operations and they have seized 28 boats, including a semisubmersible loaded with drugs in which three Colombians were, now in preventive prison.

He “internal armed conflict” was declared by the president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboaon January 9 in the face of a wave of attacks and violent actions attributed to organized crime, which included the kidnapping of police officers, explosion alerts, burned vehiclessimultaneous riots in prisons with some 200 hostages who managed to be released and the takeover of a television channel by thirteen armed hooded men, now detained.

During those riots, nearly 90 prisoners escaped, including Fabricio Colon Picoconsidered one of the ringleaders of the gang’The Wolves‘and accused of allegedly planning an attack against the attorney general, Diana Salazar. So far, 34 inmates have been recaptured.

Before those episodes he had fled José Adolfo Macíasbetter known as ‘Fito’, the leader of ‘The Choneros‘, one of the most violent gangs in the country, and now classified by the Government as “terrorists”.


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