Moore Kismet you have never shied away from taking risks musically. And in their latest EP, humor methey’ve fearlessly done it again.

Arriving by way of RL Grime’s Sable Valley, humor me showcases the best of Kismet through intrinsic energy and raw production. The EP thrives on its variation as each track flourishes in its own lane while embracing a new era of their sound. It’s a stunning body of work, one that aptly follows UNIVERSE.

The Class of 2021 inductee kicks off with a bang, letting the high-octane spark of “HOW 2 BUILD A BETTER BOY” grab listeners’ attention before the controlled chaos of “SURFACE” takes them by surprise. “NEVER BE LONELY” and “getSLAPPED!” dive further into Kismet’s experimental range, increasing the tempo while subverting expectations with imaginative production.

Both WINK and Wavedash make massive contributions to humor meshowcasing just how bright the future is for trap and wave music. The former is sensational in “ENERGY,” wherein he and Kismet capture a fluidity that beautifully unites their signature sounds. Kismet then calls on Wavedash for “HARNESS,” harnessing the trio’s rapturous sound to bring the EP home.

You can listen to humor me below and find it on streaming platforms here.