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Famous singer was amazed by the Peruvian artist’s dress. Photo: capture Instagram

The renowned artist did not hesitate to praise the outfit that Mimy Succar wore at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Know who it is.

She is one of the most successful artists today. However, the followers of the American singer not only highlight her great vocal talent, but also the charisma and humility that she shows towards other people. This was evidenced when she before the gala of the Grammy 2024the artist praised the outfit of a Peruvian artist.

It is about the great Taylor Swiftwho did not hesitate to highlight the outfit he wore Mimy Succarartist and mother of the renowned Peruvian musician Tony Succar. Precisely, the influencer and his mother were recording a video for their followers when they were surprised by the interpreter of ‘Cruel summer’ in the preview of the gala.


What did Taylor Swift say to Mimy Succar?

Taylor Swift She was followed by a large number of people, but that did not stop her from being amazed by the dress she wore. Mimy Succar at the 2024 Grammys and told him: “You look beautiful”. The Peruvian was surprised by such praise from the American singer.

Video: Tony Succar

Tony Succar She told her mother that she had been flattered by the most important and most listened to singer today. In this sense, she highlighted the great humility that she always shows Taylor Swift with his followers and colleagues.

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