Mimy and Tony Succar released the official video clip for ‘Hoy es tu día’. (Photo: social networks)

Mimy and Tony Succar launched the video for ‘Hoy es tu día’ in style, which promises to cause a sensation.

The Succar They release the official video clip for ‘Hoy es tu día’, one of the album’s hits ‘Mimy & Tony’ in which Mimy Succar debuted as a solo singer produced by the great Tony Succar and was nominated for a Grammy.

This production presents unpublished images with emotional and unimaginable moments of the family Succar in Lima, Tokyo, Milan and Los Angeles recorded and directed by Tony himself. The video clip is now available on YouTube.


“Definitely ‘Today is your day’ is a unique song that they wrote especially for me, that’s why it has a lot of meaning and truly today is my day, to fulfill my dreams and well, my Tony “It’s a genius, this video clip looks like a movie,” he said. Mimywho premiered ‘Bemba Colorá’ a few days ago alongside Gloria Estefan and Sheila E.


“The premiere of the video clip is very special because it is like the theme that represents the project of living your dream. The lyrics are by Guadalupe García, composer of Olga Tañón and Celia Cruz, and she wrote it as a poem, she sent me the lyrics, I sat down, I put the melody to it and it came out incredible,” he emphasized. Tony.

Mimy and Tony Succar released the official video clip for ‘Today is your day’

Furthermore, the artist also confessed that the video clip is a summary of unforgettable images and moments, from the first time Mimy traveled to Milan for their first concert, until the day they were nominated for a Grammy precisely for the album ‘Mimy & Tony’.

“My eyes have filled with tears, remembering when I started with Antonio’s orchestra and now with TonyKenyi and the support I have had from my entire family, I am very excited, very nice memories,” she added. Mimy.

It should be noted that the direction and production of the video clip for ‘Hoy es tu día’ is Tony Succar and Santiago Díaz, one of the Peruvian percussionist’s best friends. “I recorded most of the images when I was in Tokyo, Japan, Lima and Milan, Italy. It is a very emotional video because it would be the last video on the album ‘Mimy & Tony’ To close that project, we did it with my camera (laughs), but it turned out super cool,” he pointed out. Succar.

(Source: YouTube)

“When we were traveling, Tony He told me: ‘Mom, let’s see, right now I’m going to film you, you sing the song’ and he filmed me, and I said, ‘What will it be for?’, and well, he already had this video clip in mind so that everyone can see the concerts. that we have had, successful in all the countries we have been to and the creativity that he and Santiago have had is simply magnificent,” said the singer.

“We are going to Lima soon. The concert is coming up next April 3rd with Sheila E., Gloria Estefan and Mimy Succar in Miami, which will be crazy. “We are going to put pure swing, power and heart into it, look forward to us, my beautiful Peru!” he concluded. Tony.

Tony and Mimywill perform for the first time in Bogotá, Colombia, on April 4 at the ‘Franja Sonidos del Caribe’ concert, a show that promises to mark a before and after in the history of Latin music.

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