The president of Argentina,requested the resignation of two senior officials linked to provincial governors considered “traitors” by him, after the parliamentary failure of the so-called ‘omnibus law’, official sources announced this Friday.

As published in its official account by the Office of the President of the Argentine Republic, the libertarian requested the resignation of the head of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), Osvaldo Giordanoand the Secretary of Mining, Flavia Royon.

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Although the text does not explain the reasons for the dismissal, it suggests that the open confrontation between the president and the governors in the framework of the discussion in the Chamber of Deputies of the Law Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines is related, since, according to the statement, public officials must defend Argentines “from the constant attack of those who seek to maintain their privileges at the expense of the people’s hunger.”

Milei – who made this decision while in Italy, on the second leg of an international tour that began in Israel – has not yet named his successors.

After the setback caused by the non-approval in Congress of the so-called ‘omnibus law’, which was the axis of his reform program to deregulate the economy and minimize the presence of the State in numerous areas, Milei called “traitors” and “criminals” ” to the deputies who, in his opinion, made the approval of the articles difficult.

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This Friday’s decision is understood as a retaliation against the leaders who joined his administration as part of the agreements he wove with other political sectors to achieve support before a legislature in a clear minority.

Giordano responds to the governorship of the province of Córdoba (center) and his wife, the Peronist from Córdoba Alejandra Torresvoted against several articles of the law last Tuesday.

Royon -who held the position in Mining in the management of Alberto Fernandez (2019-2023) and has links with the former Minister of Economy and Peronist candidate for the Presidency Sergio Massa– responds to the governorate of Salta (north).

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The unrest with the governors and the deputies who answer to them could result in the departure of other senior officials, according to local media.

The heightened economic crisis and the current historical moment require public officials committed to the modernization, simplification and debureaucratization of the State,” Milei stated in the statement.

Those who assume the responsibility of a public office “They must understand the harsh reality that Argentines face, and defend them from the constant attack of those who seek to maintain their privileges at the expense of the hunger of the people,” he added.


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