Melodías de Triunfo: Rimas Publishing Celebrates at the BMI Latin Awards 2024

Rimas Publishing, the cutting-edge independent publisher, echoes the applause and cheers in honor of its renowned artists during the 2024 BMI Latin Awards ceremony. The event, which highlights the genius in Latin music composition and production, shone with splendor at the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Upload it NEO, the acclaimed GRAMMY-winning musical duo, was applauded for their masterful contribution to the song “La Corriente” by Bad Bunny. The impeccable synergy between Freddy Montalvo (Freddy) and Jose Carlos Cruz (Phantom) of the duo, illuminated the night with their limitless creativity.

Caleb Calloway, the acclaimed and Latin GRAMMY-nominated master producer, rose to the pinnacle of recognition for his exceptional work on Rauw Alejandro’s “LOKERA,” a tune that conquers hearts and reinvents the musical landscape.

Cheo Legendary, another musical prodigy nominated for both the GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY, was honored for his brilliance in the production of Bad Bunny’s “Neverita,” demonstrating once again his ability to forge sounds that resonate in the collective memory.

Elikai, the visionary GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominated producer, was the deserving recipient of an award for his exceptional contribution to Bad Bunny’s “After de la Playa,” a piece that captivates with its freshness and originality.

“We are deeply proud of the outstanding achievements achieved by our talented artists at this year’s BMI Latin Awards. We heartily congratulate SúbeloNEO, Caleb Calloway, Cheo Legendary and Elikai, for continuing to raise the bar for musical excellence and for their innate ability to leave an indelible mark on the world. These awards are an eloquent testimony to their tireless dedication and unwavering passion for art,” Emilio Morales, General Director of Rimas Publishing, expressed with emotion.


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