The conflict between Anuel AA and Melissa Vallecilla, the mother of Gianella, his eldest daughter, has no time to end. Well, this weekend, the model published an incendiary message against the Puerto Rican singer for ignoring the minor and not fulfilling her responsibilities as her father.

Vallecilla’s anger arose from an interview with the composer on the Alofoke Radio Show, where he did not mention Gianella when talking about his daughters. The influencer accused him of losing his memory due to drug use and asked him for explanations for denigrating his first-born daughter.

“Apparently the use of drugs and alcohol is affecting your neurons and causing you to lose your memory. If Gianella doesn’t count for you, then why have you been supporting her since I was pregnant and why go on tour with her for a month or celebrate her birthdays and why do you also have me suing for custody of her? express.

He even threatened him with legal action: “I want you to know that I am going to counter-sue you because you are not a fit man to be close to my daughter, you bad father. And if I have to give up her family name and support, then I give up because I alone can have my daughter like a queen. “That’s why I studied, I’m a professional woman and I can support my daughter.”

What’s more, Vallecilla clarified that she no longer has any respect for him: “You were filled with hatred because I made my pregnancy public and because the Telemundo channel let you know that I went out to give an interview, and because there were people who made you believe things that you didn’t. They were (…) If you don’t respect my daughter, I don’t have to respect you! See you in court.”

What did Anuel AA answer?

After that, Anuel AA used his Instagram account to respond to Gianella’s mother. “In my conscience I may have the confusion of saying that Catta is my first daughter because in my life I knew about Catta first, I had even chosen her name with the may before it came out that Gianella is also my daughter and “Catta is the only daughter of mine that I saw born,” he said.

“If Gia’s mother wants to become famous and wants to make money, she should work, sing or something she has to do… After disappearing for a whole year and appearing with a belly with the diabolical plan of appearing with a daughter to someone you He doesn’t even know you, with the plan that he is a millionaire and you want to get money from him as if a child were life insurance, it is not the witch way,” he added.