Even with the dislike that this rhythm generates, Fher Olvera does not consider that he “hates” music, nor does he have problems with any of the personalities that operate within this industry and clarified that everything is a personal opinion only.

“This is my view point. Others will make better lyrics, but I think most of them are pretty poor. I don’t know what will happen if those songs continue to be heard in many years. Probably not, because they don’t have much literary wealth.”

The vocalist of the Mexican band also aired that, although he respects all tastes and their authors, he does not like the music of Bad Bunny at all, to whom he recognizes everything he has done as a performer who represents the Latin community.

“Now, I don’t like it, or rather, I like it a little to dance. The one I definitely can’t listen to much is Bad Bunny. I respect him, he has reached places where no one among Latinos has reached and that has merit, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”



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