‘Bichota’ once again demonstrated her romanticism during a live interview. The artist had an emotional reaction to a couple’s proposal for her hand.

In a gesture that shows that love and music can unite hearts in surprising ways, the renowned singer Karol G became the perfect accomplice for a unique moment in the life of a couple who got engaged.

In a marriage proposal that will surely be remembered, the reggaeton star collaborated to make the dream of a young man in love come true, as he asked for time from the interview that ‘Bichota’ was giving on Juanpis Gonzalez’s set to ask for her hand to his girlfriend, who is a big fan of her.

Karol G was moved, and prior to the young man’s consultation with his girlfriend, he asked the soundtrack present to play the song ‘Contigo’ (one of his most recent hits) on the guitar. The moment became very special. The actress also commented after the event: “We wish them the best in the world, seriously” and she proceeded to give her girlfriend an affectionate hug.

What are Karol G’s most listened to songs?

Karol G is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after artists of the urban genre around the world. Her great success in recent years is due to her catchy songs and her performance on stage. According to Spotify, ‘Bichota’ has more than 50 million monthly listeners and these are her ten most listened to songs.

‘Qlona’ ‘Bitterness’ ‘With you’ with Tiësto’My ex was right’ ‘TQG’ with Shakira’Provenza”While I heal from my heart”X if we come back”Mamii”Oki doki’.