When Karol G decides to compose it has an impact on her daily life. The Colombian artist has told details of this process full of creativity.

Karol G has left her followers amazed by revealing a personal detail about her creative process. In a recent interview for Billboard, the reggaeton star shared what is the best time of day for him to compose music.

In her statements, the talented Colombian singer has expressed a side that very few knew. ‘Bichota’ is one of the most prominent artists of the genre today.

The singer of ‘My ex was right’ is breaking it with her international tour ‘Tomorrow will be nice’, but her close circle and her fans are unaware that behind the lyrics of her songs, Karol G composes in a particular way.

What did Karol G say about his best moment to compose?

“My most creative time in life is maybe after two in the morning, until six in the morning. I am a very nocturnal person, a nocturnal person. I don’t know, right? I am a nocturnal person. My ideas and creativity usually come at night. I don’t sleep very well because of this,” Karol G told the aforementioned media.

When will Karol G come to Peru?

Karol G will give a spectacular concert in Peru on April 12, 2024. All of her fans have marked this special date on their calendars to see their idol perform her best songs.

Where will Karol G’s concert be in Peru 2024?

The Colombian singer Karol G will perform at the National Stadium in Lima. The sports venue with capacity for more than 40 thousand people will host the concert ‘Tomorrow will be nice’.