Last Friday, June 20, Karol G released her most recent song titled ‘If I Had Met You Before’, generating a wave of enthusiasm among her followers.

This new hit, with its summer atmosphere and infectious merengue rhythm, promised to be the ‘song of the summer’. However, the joy of the premiere has been clouded by a controversy on social networks involving another prominent figure in urban music, Rosalía.

Did you copy Rosalía? ‘Motomami’ fans accuse ‘La Bichota’ of plagiarism

Since the single’s official release, the ‘La Bichota’ song has captured the attention of fans and critics alike, becoming an instant sensation. The catchy lyrics and high-energy production have ensured their constant presence on radio stations and streaming platforms.

But it hasn’t all been celebration. On social media, accusations of plagiarism have emerged, pointing out that ‘Si antes te había conocí’ has notable similarities with ‘Despechá’, one of Rosalía’s hits.

The plagiarism rumor gained strength when Rosalía published an image on her Instagram account that many interpreted as a dig at Karol G.

In the photo, the Spanish singer appears making an obscene gesture, accompanied by the background music of ‘Despechá’. Although it was not a direct statement, followers quickly interpreted the action as an allusion to the controversy, since Rosalía rarely uses music in her posts and did so in this specific context.

Karol G fans defend her on social media

The response on social networks was immediate. Karol G’s fans have come to her defense, arguing that the accusation of plagiarism is unfounded.

Many point out that Rosalía did not invent merengue, a musical genre with deep roots in Latin culture, and that it is only natural for Latin artists like Karol G to incorporate these rhythms into their songs. Furthermore, some have pointed out that Rosalía, being a European artist, has achieved worldwide fame using Latin rhythms, so criticism should be more equitable.

The comments in Karol G’s defense have been numerous and intense. Karol G’s followers point out that accusing her of plagiarism simply for using a similar rhythm is an exaggeration. In addition, they emphasize that the way in which ‘La Bichota’ has integrated the Dominican mambo into her music has transformed this sound into something unique and personal.

However, Rosalía’s fans maintain their position, suggesting that the coincidence between both songs is not a coincidence and that Rosalía’s publication was a clear message.

Amidst this controversy, neither artist has made any official statements on the matter, leaving fans and critics to continue the debate. What is clear is that both Karol G and Rosalía are capable of generating conversation and controversy with each new release.

Meanwhile, ‘Si antes te había conocí’ continues to play strong, consolidating itself as one of the most played songs of the summer. The controversy, far from overshadowing its success, seems to have increased the attention on this new song by Karol G.