Karol G made one fan’s dream come true During her concert in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, March 16, as part of her Tomorrow Will Be Nice Tour in Latin America. The Colombian reggaeton sensation took a heartwarming detour from her set de ella to assist a devoted fan, Marleny Peraltawith a unique moment.


Amidst the enthusiastic cheers, Marleny, who is expecting a baby, seized the opportunity to seek Karol G’s assistance in revealing the gender of her unborn child. With a confetti cannon in hand, ready to reveal the secret, Karol G launched the cannon into the air, releasing a cascade of pink confetti. The audience cheered as the realization sunk in—Marleny Peralta was expecting a baby girl! “She is a Bichota,” Karol G confirmed, informing the arena.

For Marleny Peralta, the gender reveal wasn’t just about discovering the sex of her unborn child; it was about sharing a special moment with an artist she admires and a community that embraced her with open arms. “Karol thank you for making my dream come true, my baby was very lucky I love you with all my heart ❤️😭😭😭😭🥺😻 God bless you!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

Will the fan name her baby Carolina?

HELLO! USES contacted Marleny Peralta to learn more about her experience during Karol G’s concert. Marleny revealed she got her concert tickets the month she knew she would have another baby. “I have always loved Karol G since the beginning. “I bought the ticket for her concert by ella in November, and that same month, I found out about my pregnancy by ella at almost three months,” she told our publication.

When we asked about how she came up with the idea of ​​asking Karol G to help with the gender reveal, she said: “My friends used to ask me when we were going to reveal the gender of my baby, but we had no idea because the baby never showed up during the ultrasound. A week before a concert, I went to the doctor and finally got to know the genre. I asked the doctor to give me the result in a sealed envelope. While driving home, I was listening to Karol G, and at that moment, I came up with an idea to reveal the gender at the concert. I discussed it with my best friend and started planning for it. “I had only one week to plan everything, including what to write to catch her attention and how to enter the confetti cannon at the concert.”

Karol G helps a fan with her gender reveal during the singer's Dominican Republic concert©Marleny Peralta

“I only needed to plan how to enter the confetti canon at the concert because I didn’t know if it was prohibited, so I told my sister to see the sex and write it on an envelope in case the cannon wasn’t allowed, ”she explained. “But what happened at the concert was all spontaneous; everyone next to me gave their part without even knowing me,” Peralta added. “My mother and my husband also helped out so Karol could see my poster; in front he took my poster; Those were as if that moment b, elongated to everyone. It was beautiful!”

When Karol G finally noticed the poster, Peralta said she was in disbelief. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, is this happening?’” To her luck, it was happening, and the Colombian singer made sure to make her feel seen and unique.

Marleny said she is grateful for her husband, who facilitated all the materials to create the poster sign. “My husband is my accomplice. He bought me the materials to make my poster, and he always supports me in what makes me happy. He is happy. “He also loves Karol G!” the happy mom revealed.

A life-changing encounter

Having a baby is life-changing, but when Karol G reveals the baby’s gender, it adds an extra layer to the unexpected moment. According to Peralta, it changed her life. “I am not the same after Saturday,” she confessed. “I feel that there is nothing impossible that I cannot achieve, that dreams do come true,” she told HELLO! USES.

Karol G helps a fan with her gender reveal during the singer's Dominican Republic concert©Marleny Peralta

Asked if Karol G had reached out to Peralta after the concert, the fan said, “No, but I would love to tell you how happy I am. I haven’t stopped crying. Karol is an instrument of God in this world to give love!!! It’s incredible.”

In honor of Karol G, the happy parents confirmed to HELLO! USESthey will name their daughter Delaney Carolina.

Tomorrow will be nice have a connection to babies

On January 27, 2023, Karol G’s sister, Veronica Giraldo, welcomed her daughter Sophie, who quickly became the adoration of her famous aunt. During an interview with HELLO! USES, the singer revealed that her family is happier because of her niece, adding she’s also great as an aunt. “I’m the best!” she assured HELLO! USES. “With my other sister, we always try to demonstrate who the best ‘tia’ is because we love her. To be honest, the baby brought happiness to my home. My parents are crazy in love with her. “She brought a special vibe and magnified all the happiness already in us.”

Karol G and her niece Sophie©@karolg

In February of the same year, during her performance at Viña del Mar, Karol G shared more details about this joyful event in her family and the challenging moments her sister went through in the postpartum period.

“I actually made this album (Tomorrow will be nice) in the midst of a very special and transformative time in my life and career. The message is simply that no matter what, tomorrow will be beautiful, I assure you, everything is to make you a better person, everything is to strengthen you… I want to take a moment, my older sister, who just a few days ago blessed us with a baby at home, and for obvious reasons of what women go through after pregnancy, after giving birth, she hasn’t been feeling happy these days : Vero, I love you, no matter what, tomorrow will be beautiful“I dedicate this song to you,” she expressed from the stage at that time.

Is Karol G ready to be a mother?

Beyond her professional achievements, Karol G is fulfilled in her personal and romantic life. The singer is happy and in love with Feid, and everything seems to be going smoothly, as she even envisions herself as a mother in the not-so-distant future. “I want to have a family, you know, I want to have a family, I want to be a mom, and I think now the moment is getting closer,” she said in an August interview with Rolling Stone. “Maybe in the future, I’ll take a little more time for myself, to do other things that you will find out about later,” she added.