Karol G forgot the lyrics to “Mamiii,” the song he recorded as a duet with Becky G, but his audience at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City applauded his honesty, even though the same thing happened to him twice before. remember the phrase you had to sing.

“I have to be honest, I forgot the lyrics and I said ta, ta, internally ‘how does it say?’, I already know how it says and now we are going to sing it,” said Karol, laughing.

“One, two, three, I see you on the networks… either? Not yet?” he added, although seconds later he returned to the topic: “I know how he says: Oh, I’m sorry, your desire to come back died.” in the attempt…”.

‘La Bichota’ is in the Mexican capital to offer three concerts with its “Tomorrow will be beautiful” tour, with which it will arrive in the Dominican Republic on March 15 and 16.

Karol began the concert tour on December 1 in his native Medellí, Colombia, where he performed for two days the “Tomorrow will be beautiful festival.”


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