One of the most beloved couples in the urban world is the one starring the Colombians Feid and Karol G. Learn the story.

Prominent Medellín artist Karol G has transformed her personal experiences and deep emotions into an impressive list of musical hits, especially following her 2021 breakup with Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA.

After this event, ‘Bichota’ grew stronger and continued to release important hits such as ‘Tus gafitas’, which refers to her current partner Feid, with whom she has had a relationship away from the spotlight for more than two years.

The interpreter of ‘Normal’, who is also from Medellín, is a singer, producer and composer of urban music. The beginnings of his relationship with Karol G could be traced back to 2021, during the collaboration on the song ‘Friki’, where many fans speculate that their romance began.

Although both artists have never confirmed or denied these rumors, it is known that they kept their relationship private until making their first public appearance as a couple in 2023.

The relationship between Karol G and Feid has been discreet, with few public appearances, but every time they appear together, they capture the attention of the public and the media. An example of this was at the 2023 Latin Grammys, where the ‘Tusa’ singer approached Ferxxo to give him a hug before going on stage to receive one of her multiple awards.

Likewise, the famous and award-winning Colombian artist has been a constant support at his partner Karol G’s concerts, and was her companion at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards.

Currently, Karol G, known as ‘La Bichota’, is in the middle of a world tour promoting her latest album. Despite her successful career, she expressed her desire to take the next step in her personal life: becoming a mother.