The music world has been rocked by unexpected news: Kanye West has declared his retirement from professional music. This revelation came via Rich The Kid; who shared on Instagram a screenshot of a recent message exchange with Ye.

In the message, Kanye wrote: “I’m retiring from professional music. I’m not sure what else to do.”

Rich The Kid’s response was not long in coming: “Retire? Why? People need you, the music that you, Ty and us have made was the biggest stamp on culture to date in 2024… Maybe it’s time for a break, but not time to retire.”

Despite Rich The Kid’s concern and support, the post was deleted from his Instagram story about half an hour after it was shared.

Kanye West and his shocking retirement

A source close to the situation revealed to TMZ Hip Hop that Kanye feels like the industry has completely absorbed him, leaving little of his energy and creativity. This feeling of exhaustion could be the main cause of his decision to retire.

The news of Kanye’s possible retirement comes at a time when fans are eagerly awaiting the second part of his album “Vultures,” a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. The first volume, released in February, was a resounding success, topping the charts.

However, the second and third parts still have no confirmed release dates, even though Ty Dolla $ign has indicated that all the songs on the second album are complete.

“Vultures 2” was initially expected to premiere in May, but so far, the only clue about its release is a scheduled listening event in Korea, which will be held on August 23 at Goyang Stadium.

Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign fans are holding out hope that this event will provide more clarity on the future of the “Vultures” album series.