The first-of-its-kind for a team in the IndyCar Series, @JHR_ESP_ will host exclusive content on both X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram to grow and welcome global fans to North America’s premier open-wheel championship.

“It is important to provide a source for our incredible fans around the world to learn more about the NTT IndyCar Series and interact with the team in their native language,” said Ricardo Juncos, founder and co-owner of Juncos Hollinger Racing.

“I didn’t learn English until after I moved to the United States from Argentina in 2002, so I am very proud of the team here at Juncos Hollinger Racing to be the first in the series to launch an initiative like this. I can speak from experience that Latin American motorsport fans represent an ever-growing demographic that the sport should be communicating with directly.

“This is a fantastic step towards continuing to grow our fanbase in one of motorsports’ most passionate and engaged regions.”

According to the press release, the content posted on the Spanish channels “will not be a direct translation of the English language channels, instead hosting new and exclusive content dedicated specifically for Spanish speakers – the second-most spoken language in the world.”

JHR’s new channels will provide an outlet for Spanish-speakers to learn more about the team, along with Indy car racing, in an effort to expand the global reach of the sport.

In addition to incorporating its globally diverse drivers, ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean and multi-time Argentina touring car champion Agustin Canapino, the channel will also be bolstered with Indy NXT driver Lindsay Brewer. Juncos and other Spanish-speaking team members will also be featured regularly on the new channels, showcasing the voices of diverse talent within the team.

“I am very excited for the team to be creating dedicated channels to share content in my native language, for our amazing and passionate fans in Argentina, the rest of Latin America, and the world,” said Canapino.

“It will provide an opportunity for new and existing fans to engage with our channels more naturally and follow along with us this season and beyond.”

The new Spanish-language channels can be found on both X (@JHR_ESP_) and Instagram (@JHR_ESP_).

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