With 23 years at Univision, Jackie Guerrido, 51, is one of the most beloved communicators on Hispanic television. The public knows her from her weather reports and her interviews with celebrities. But also because of her almost three-year marriage to Don Omar.

Jackie Guerrido, also a star of Primer Impacto, recently spoke with Rodner Figueroa and opened her heart about her marriage to the famous reggaeton singer. The journalist gave her reasons, explained why she fell in love with her and why in the end her story did not have a happy ending. She assures that they both had many things against them, because he was determined to succeed in the industry and she also wanted to grow in her career.

“We were a bridge, both of us to continue growing. Today what exists is pure respect and admiration. In other words, he is a gentleman with me, I am a lady with him.”

Guerrido affirms that even when they are separated, they currently support each other professionally. She assures that everything she experienced with Don Omar led her to know herself, and to know her capacity for forgiveness. And she basically showed how she obtained many blessings after the bitter pill she experienced. Because besides the fact that she moved to Los Angeles for a while, she found herself in her roots and in the process she started acting. “Everything at the end of the day worked for the best,” Guerrido stressed.

In this conversation he gave his opinion on the statements that Don Omar gave to Don Francisco on his podcast. Rodner wanted to know if Jackie thought the singer was honest when he talked about his story. To which the journalist said yes. “I was very surprised by the interview,” Jackie said. Especially since she didn’t expect her ex-husband to talk about them and her marriage.

Between them, according to Jackie, there are no bad comments for what there were. On the contrary, according to the Primer Impacto star, there is a lot of respect among them for what was and each one assumes the consequences of their actions in relation to what worked and what didn’t in this love story, which did not end with a ” happy forever”.


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