The urban genre singers J Balvin and Bad Bunny collaborated with successful songs in the past and even on a duo album called Oasis; However, the reggaeton artists would have distanced themselves after the Puerto Rican artist mentioned J Balvin in the song Thunder y Lightning, which is a collaboration with Eladio Carrión and is number 18 of his most recent album Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, released in October 2023.

“Thunder, lightning, I’m a star, Ricky Martin / You’ve seen me, all my songs are charting / You’ve seen me, I’m always with the same ones / While you are friends with the whole world like Balvin” , expresses the lyrics of the singer known as El Conejo Malo.

The mention of the Puerto Rican artist took the Colombian by surprise, so in dialogue with his followers he stated: “Let’s create a new story. I don’t understand, but I know that the one I know is a good person. I really miss the turn, but I wish him the best. I knew long before that the man was going to be great (…) he is a very good person, from what I know, I am very surprised when he returns.”

Although the artists did not comment further on the subject, their friendship apparently distanced themselves because the singers have not been seen sharing together as before. The Paisa singer, for his part, told his followers that he is working on a new album, in which he promises to return to his roots: “Here returning to times like Energía while I enjoy making music Sin AFÁN (…) I love you FAMILY,” he wrote el paisa on his social networks when he shared a video in the recording studio.

The doubt that it generated among the followers of the Colombian artist is that the album he is working on would be successful; For this reason, Infobae Colombia consulted with the renowned angelologist Margarita Moncada to find out the opinion of the angels about the discussion between Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

“J Balvin has a level of energy that can only do his things, he alone reached the level he is at, unlike other artists who needed the fame of someone who was already positioned to be able to show themselves, J Balvin is a person who does not “He would need other people to reposition his music (…) he would not require other people to once again have success or the recognition he has had previously,” the sacred geometry specialist emphasized for this medium.

The angelologist Margarita Moncada gave her opinion about the action of the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny with his Colombian colleague: “Although in all genres, in all careers, in all specialties there can be rivalries between one and the other, but within music and the genre that has the most rivalry is reggaetón. That need in many, I’m not saying that in him, but in many that need for power, for recognition or to be the first to earn more than the other, to have more than the other, is what does not make them very loyal. ”.

The Colombian therapist with angels indicated that Río’s father should connect with his beginnings in music: “If he requires, yes, how to return a little more to his roots, reconnect with that sense or with that feeling that music generates in him, which was even the way he started feeling his music, feeling totally in love with music and that loving connection with music was what helped him promote internationally,” added the specialist in dialogue with this medium.


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