J Balvin put aside the controversy on social networks to share a tender message with which he said goodbye to a beloved member of his family, something for which he received signs of support from other celebrities and his followers. It is about Enzo’s little dog, who was his pet for 14 years and accompanied him at all times on his path to success, so he did not hesitate to dedicate emotional words to her along with a series of photographs.

J Balvin dedicates a tender message to his pet

Through his Instagram account, the “Mi gente” singer shared some images of his pet from when he was little until he grew old without leaving aside funny moments that Enzo starred in. Along with these is an emotional message with which he thanks you for the time together and says goodbye in a tender way.

“Enzo came into my life to add color, there were 14 years in which he gave me the privilege of having him close, of seeing me grow, fall and rise. He started out as my son and ended up being my grandfather. We already know that his years count differently, so he only gave me wisdom; He taught me how to learn to remain silent and know how to choose my battles, loyalty and the majesty of living in service, as he always did with me, my family and my friends. You are no longer on this physical plane but your energy is with us. “Heaven is celebrating, I’m sure!” shared the Colombian producer.

Shows of affection for J Balvin

The singer Paulina Rubio, Greeicy and Yandel were some of the artists who expressed their affection for José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, the singer’s first name, through social networks along with fans who said they recognized his pain because they also suffered the death of their pets.

“They are everything”, “It is the saddest part of having pets, one suffers from them a lot” “Enzo made me cry a lot. They do not want to leave because they are so unconditional that they think that the mission of caring, protecting and accompanying is for all eternity on this physical plane”, “Only those of us who have lost a faithful four-legged friend know the pain you feel” and “How painful it is to lose your pet, it’s like losing a family member,” were some of the comments.


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