If you’re looking for an authentic dive into the vibrant energy of Miami Music Week, look no further than Selina Miami Gold Dust, a retro-chic oasis nestled in the city’s MiMo District neighborhood.

Surrounded by extravagant architecture, trendy cafes and sleek art galleries, this former-50’s motel has been transformed into a 58-room luxury hotel blending modern design with a distinct retro aesthetic.

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Retro charm meets modern luxury at Selina Miami Gold Dust, which offers a range of amenities like a private pool and a co-working space to a drive-in cinema and bar. Guests can start their day with fresh-pressed juice by the pool before exploring the MiMo district and unwinding with a movie at the unique drive-in cinema.

Selina Miami Gold Dust offers a variety of room options, including private and shared rooms, making it suitable for any budget. With plenty of natural light, the Gold Dust co-working space provides an ideal spot for those looking to stay focused and it’s specially designed for Gen Z and millennial traveling professionals.

After a day of work or exploration, guests can unwind at the hotel’s bar, enjoy a yoga session or treat themselves to a relaxing massage at the spa. The hotel’s wellness area and tour desk are also available for those looking to further enrich their stay.

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The property is also in a prime location for electronic music fans making the trip for Miami Music Week. Whether you’re a dance music enthusiast, digital nomad or traveler looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Selina Miami Gold Dust has something for everyone.

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Website: selina.com/usa/miami-gold-dust


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