Colombian stars Shakira and Karol G gave their fans around the world a great musical hit called “TQG”, in which they overflowed with unity and a lot of passion. However, since last week the media has written that the artists are distanced due to a negative situation.

It was through the Molusco TV program in which they addressed the issue of the alleged enmity due to an action carried out by the “Ocean” interpreter that, according to her, aroused Shakira’s annoyance, deciding to distance herself. The reason for the supposed problem

The presenters of the spicy show alleged that the situation began because Carolina Giraldo Navarro, the artist’s first name, held a meeting with Gerard Piqué in which the Catalan Clara Chía was also present, an action that was supposedly not to the liking of the Latin star. residing in Miami, Florida.

“They say that Shakira would be very upset by the situation. There are many sources that are spreading the news. Although so far it is nothing official,” they indicated.

Likewise, they revealed that the anger of the native of the city of Barranquilla is so great, that this would be the reason behind Karol’s non-invitation to the launch of her new musical work, which is called “Las mujeres ya no Lloran”, and in which the single that they both share is a part.

In this sense, other media claim that Shakira, in order to hit the well-known “Bichota” harder for her visit to Piqué and Clara, decided to invite Anuel AA to the launch of her album, an action that at the time fans classified as a low blow. .

So far they are only rumors from the press, since none of the Latin beauties have commented anything about it.