Ian Snow Continues To Impress With New Single, “Hyper Sequence”

Brian Bonavoglia

After closing out 2023 making an appearance on bassrush‘s colossal The Prophecy: Volume 8 compilation, Ian Snow has returned with his first offering of the new year coming in the form of “Hyper Sequence.”

The Chicago native look to pick up right were he last off last year and continue to ride his monstrous momentum serving up a mind-tingling and bone-rattling bass beast that shares a powerful message.

“I struggle with writing about my music sometimes because a lot of my songs don’t have a message. Or rather, the message is that the music is simply an emanation of myself. However, Hyper Sequence is different. When I stumbled across a video of this poem, it gave me chills. I’d never heard death/loss discussed so eloquently in an art form before. I knew I wanted to create something around it. After listening through more, though, I realized that it’s also very much about life. It’s about taking advantage of spending time and cherishing the memories made with the ones you love because it can all be over too soon,” Ian Snow candidly explains.

“When the rap hook says, ‘trust me you want to be high for this,’ I’m sure a lot of people will interpret that as taking drugs at a show, which is fine haha. I’m not against taking drugs responsibly. However, it’s true meaning to me is ‘being high for this’ and ‘feeling alive for this’ life by finding what makes you happy. It can be so easy to go through the motions carved out for us. Searching for what gives you fulfillment and creating balance around that is the best way to maneuver through life.”

Turn the volume up and take a chilling emotional journey through sound courtesy of Ian Snow’s “Hyper Sequence” captivating new single “Hyper Sequence” below.

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