Skydiving is an incredible experience that allows you to freefall through the air after jumping from an airplane. While exhilarating, it can also be daunting if you’re a first-timer. Properly mentally preparing yourself beforehand is key to having an enjoyable skydiving trip. Here’s how to mentally prepare yourself for skydiving whether this is your first jump or you’re a pro:

how to mentally prepare for skydiving

Understand What the Experience Entails

The first step in how to mentally prepare for skydiving is to understand exactly what the experience will be like. Knowing what to expect can help ease any anxiety or fears you may have. Be sure to learn about the following:

  • The airplane ride to altitude – Many first-time jumpers feel nervous during the ascent as the moment of truth nears. Knowing this is normal can help you stay calm.
  • What exiting the airplane will feel like – Your instructor will be attached to you and will guide you out the door. Expect a rush of wind and noise when the door opens.
  • How freefalling feels – Initially, you may feel disoriented from the winds, but you’ll soon get used to the feeling and be able to take in the views around you.
  • What to do during freefall – Your instructor will likely have you practice touching your shoulders, feeling the wind rush, and doing practice pulls to deploy the parachute.
  • The sensation of the parachute deploying – This can feel like a sudden stretching or tugging feeling.
  • Controlling the parachute for landing – Your instructor will have you practice steering toward the landing zone.
  • What the landing feels like – Bending your knees to absorb the landing is key.

Having a clear picture of what to expect can greatly help you mentally prepare for skydiving.

Reflect On Your Motivations

Take some time for self-reflection on why you want to skydive in the first place. Dig deep into what’s motivating you to jump from an airplane at heights of over 10,000 feet. Is it to provide something to yourself and overcome fear? Is it to have a thrilling experience and adrenaline rush like never before? Keeping your motivations at the forefront can help drive you through any jitters you may have.

Visualize the Experience

Vividly imagining yourself going through the entire skydiving process is excellent for mentally preparing yourself. Picture yourself confidently jumping out of the plane, enjoying the freefall sensation, parachuting down, and then sticking the landing. Visualization enhances positive thinking and reinforces that you can tackle this exhilarating challenge.

Talk It Out With Someone

Verbalizing your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust is a great way to process everything mentally. This could be a friend who has skydived before, your instructor, or just a listening ear. Talking it through out loud can help organize your thoughts and relieve anxiety. Knowing someone else believes you can do it provides confidence.

Get Excited and Boost Positivity

In the weeks and days leading up to your jump, focus your mind on getting pumped up. Watch awesome skydiving videos, listen to songs with energizing beats, and imagine the bragging rights after you land. Boosting positivity and feeding excitement crowds out fear and nervousness. Remind yourself of how epic this adventure will be.

Avoid Overthinking It

Once you’ve prepared the right way mentally, continuing to obsess over the jump can backfire. Reduce every analyzing single detail or scenario that could happen. Instead, try to take your mind off it by spending time on hobbies or other engagements. Staying mentally distracted can keep you from unraveling all your positive thinking.

Get Proper Rest Beforehand

Being well-rested is key to having sufficient mental focus and alertness. The day before your jump, avoid stimulants that can leave you feeling anxious and wired. Drink some chamomile tea, do relaxing activities, and get to bed early. Feeling refreshed the day of your skydive enables you to stay zeroed-in.

Eat a Good Meal

Don’t jump on an empty stomach, as low blood sugar can negatively impact your mental state. Eat a satisfying breakfast or lunch to energize and fuel your mind and body. Avoid heavy foods though, as you don’t want to feel sluggish. Hydrate well too so you don’t feel dehydrated. Proper nutrition sets you up for success.

Listen to Uplifting Music

Create a motivational playlist filled with your favorite high-energy tunes to listen to on the drive over to your skydiving facility. Music has a powerful effect on your mindset. Upbeat songs will get you pumped up, focused, and ready to have the thrill of a lifetime.

Stick With Your Decision

Commit fully to your choice to skydive without wavering, since going back and forth can hamper your confidence. Dig deep and remember exactly why you wanted to skydive in the first place. Let that purpose motivate you to follow through with this bucket list item. Sticking with your decision provides mental fortitude.

Jumping from extreme heights may seem daunting, but properly mentally preparing for the experience can help any first-timer feel ready to go. Keep your motivations in focus, visualize success, boost positivity, and stick with your choice. Soon you’ll be floating through the air filled with exhilaration, pride, and fulfillment. Trust in your abilities and you’ll be able to tackle this thrilling challenge head on.

So get pumped up for the rush of a lifetime! With the right mindset going into it, skydiving will be an unforgettable adventure. Take the leap and float away into the sky fully prepared in mind, body and spirit. You’ve so got this!



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