Palworld has received its biggest overhaul yet with the Sakurajima update, released on June 27th, 2024. In addition to new locations, numerous new Pals, and the strongest faction leader Yet, the update also introduced many quality-of-life changes. One of the most helpful is that the number of potential Accessory Slots has been increased from two to four. However, they’re not immediately available to players.

As soon as you open your inventory screen after the update, you’ll notice that two blocked-off accessory slots have been added. Hover over them and a vague message will suggest you need a certain item to equip more accessories. What you’ll also need is to gather a brand-new currency, Dog Coins, and find a new merchant NPC. Here are the steps to follow so you don’t need to awkwardly change shirts when the temperature drops in the desert again.

Where to Find Dog Coins, Palworld‘s New Currency

Gold might still be the primary currency in Palworldbut Dog Coins offer something new to look out for. These aren’t limited to the Sakurajima area either, so you should come across some sooner rather than later. You’re going to need at least 100 of these to unlock an additional accessory slot.

Screenshot: Pocketpair / Kotaku

Dog Coins are most commonly found in the newly added Scrap Piles. They look like broken-down piles of wood and metal and can be found anywhere across the map. Interact with them and you’ll dig out some helpful rewards. Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive Dog Coins from them, it’s always worth checking for any other loot you may find. A majority of the Dog Coins I’ve accumulated have come from these Scrap Piles.

The second, and admittedly more certain method, is to find a Mimog. This new Pal is a hybrid between a dog and a treasure chest-looking Mimic. Catching or killing it will reward you with some Dog Coins. I recommend doing either one as soon as possible because this thing is lightning-fast and will run away after you attack or try to capture it.

One caveat worth mentioning is that you can’t get Dog Coins from butchering Pals. And although that new Pal Disassembly Conveyor is a great way to farm for other resources, you won’t earn any more Dog Coins outside of what you can earn from scrap piles and Mimogs.

Where to Find a Medal Merchant

The player character looks at a merchant's inventory.

Screenshot: Pocketpair / Kotaku

Thankfully, finding a Medal Merchant is the easiest part of this whole process. The new merchants can be found inside ruins and churches. All you need to do is quickly travel to a couple and you’re likely to run into one. These burly characters stand out quite a bit thanks to their reflective gold clothing and an uncomfortably large grin. They only accept Dog Coins as currency but carry unique items to make it all worth it.

There are two items in particular needed to increase your inventory slots – the Mysterious Accessories Box and the similarly-titled Box of Mystery Accessories. Each expands your slots by one, although the former only costs 100 Dog Coins while the latter costs a whopping 1,000 Dog Coins. Don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to unlock that final slot.

Expanding your accessory slots is an essential part of playing Palworld after the Sakurajima update. The extra slots can be a real lifesaver whether you’re taking on new raid bosses or just trying to survive out there in the world.