Screenshot: Sony/Kotaku

The “Create” button just to the left of the touchpad is how you’ll enable capture or record screenshots. You can set three different commands, one for pressing the button once, another for holding it, and yet another for pressing it twice.

We here at Kotaku recommend the “Easy Screenshots” settings for the following reasons:

  • A simple tap of the Create button results in a quick screenshot, ideal for capturing multiple shots during a cutscene or for grabbing a speedy screenshot of hectic gameplay
  • Holding the create button lets you choose specifically whether you wish to enable manual recording (up to an hour of footage at a time), record a screenshot, or save recent gameplay
  • Pressing twice lets you save a recent clip as its own file (perfect for creating a separate video file of a unique moment)

You can set the length of the recent gameplay clip to your needs, anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour. We recommend setting this to around 15 minutes or fewer, as manually recording by holding down the Create button and selecting record will let you record up to an hour of video anyway.

To record video clips up to an hour in length, simply hold down the Create button and select “Start New Recording.” We recommend wrapping these recordings up around the 50 minute mark (you can see the current length of the clip you’re recording by holding down the Create button) as a non-avoidable indicator will appear in the center top of your screen once you cross over the 55:00 minute mark during capture.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to turn off “Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots.” This will prevent an icon from popping up every time you take a screenshot. If left on, quick screenshots might result in this upper right-hand notification appearing in your screenshot, which is not ideal for perfect capture. You will still need to be careful of accidentally pressing the Create button too quickly as the notification for capturing recent gameplay still activates and can be seen in a screenshot, so space out your screenshot spamming.


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