Heat Awards 2024: how to vote for your favorite national artist? (Photo: social networks)

The 2024 Heat Awards are getting closer and closer. Below, find out how to vote for your favorite artist and the deadline to do so.

The countdown to the Heat Awards 2024. The production team is working at full speed in preparations for the tenth edition of these unique awards by popular vote that are awarded on the seashore.

The date chosen for the awards ceremony is next July 11 and will take place from the beautiful coasts of the Dominican Republic, honoring the best of Latin music and entertainment.


Throughout their ten years of existence, these awards, created by Diana Montes, have been a platform for great international music stars. Artists such as Karol G, Anuel AA, Yailin la Más Viral, Chyno y Nacho, and J Balvin, among others, have seen their careers grow thanks to these awards.

Heat Awards 2024 They announced through their official social networks that voting to choose the winners of 29 categories, including ten new ones, will close on July 1. Voting is now open and participating is very simple.


(Photo: Heat Awards Twitter)

Which Peruvians are nominated for the 2024 Heat Awards?

Although this is not the first time that a Peruvian artist has been nominated, the emotion is just as great. This time Group 5 (Best Tropical Artist), Cielo Torres (Best Southern Region Artist), Amy Gutiérrez (Best Southern Region Artist) and Álvaro Rod, (Best Salsa Artist) face artists with great experience.

How to vote for Peruvian artists in the 2024 Heat Awards?

Support your favorite Peruvian talent in the Heat Awards 2024. Know the steps:

1.- Download the application
Download the LosHeat.TV application, which is available for Android devices (Google Play Store) and iPhone (App Store).
2.- Create an account or log in
If you are new to the platform, select the “Sign up” option and create an account.
3.- Access the voting section
From the main screen of the application, click on the “Vote for your favorite artist” button.
4.- Choose the category of your favorite artist
Look for the nominated Peruvian artists
Fandom of the Year: Yahaira Plasencia
5.- Vote for your favorite artist
Find your artist’s photo and press the “Vote” button. Ready! You will have already supported your Peruvian artist in the Heat Awards 2024.
*Please note that you can only vote once per day for each category with your user.

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