Three years into the current generation of gaming, consoles can still be an expensive investment. At $500, an Xbox Series X is an investment, but right now you can save almost $200 on this console at Woot. The retailer is selling refurbished units for $310 each, but available stock will likely sell out very quickly. Each customer can purchase a maximum of two consoles.

Xbox Series X

Woot says that these are Grade-A Refurbished models, which means that they’ll be in full working condition and show minimal signs of use, and you’ll get a 90-day warranty on your purchase. If you’ve got a modern TV, the Xbox Series

At the top of the graphical charts, there are even games capable of running at 120 frames-per-second on the Xbox Series X, but generally, you’ll get a superb 4K output.

The big draw here is the focus on playing your games quickly and with minimal loading screens. The Xbox Series X offers Quick Resume, which allows you to suspend your games and switch between them on the fly. The console also benefits from Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s regularly updated first- and third-party games catalog. For only $17 per month, you gain access to hundreds of games, including some brand-new releases.


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