Shakira and Gerard Piqué have their birthdays on the same day, February 2. And everything indicates that this year it was a more cordial celebration between the ex-couple.

According to the magazine ‘Semana’ in Spain and also one of the Spanish television journalists, Pepe del Real, the singer and the former soccer player had a loving approach on this birthday, 37 for him, and 47 for her.

In said publication they assured that Piqué received a message from the mother of his children. The content of it was brief, but the fact of doing so represented a rapprochement in their relationship.

Shakira would have sent him an emoji of a candle and, as they pointed out, he would have responded with the same. Time could have led to a truce for the sake of the two children they have in common.

They leak the lyrics of Shakira’s new song

Last Friday, Shakira turned 47 and celebrated with a spectacular party to leave the past behind. New year, new life and new song, because through social networks they leaked the lyrics of what would be her new musical theme.

Let us remember that, “I am very happy with all the collaborations that will be on this album, people do not expect them. At the beginning of next year I hope it will be released and, then, a world tour will come, which I want to be the most extensive and important of my entire career,” said the Barranquilla native in a recent interview.

What does the song that Shakira would release in the coming weeks say and why do they say it would reveal details of a new love? Here we share the verse that circulates on social networks.


I felt like it and I called you

I was alone and I looked for you

for you to torture me

I already know it

It was a trap and I fell again

I was alone and I looked for you

I’m already getting attached

Too much with you

Tell me if we are playing

Or as friends

It’s fascinating me

I better not continue

It’s not together with me


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