Not stopping with Uncanny X-Men, Gail Simone has another revival on her plate for 2024 with a special issue of vintage British horror title Misty! Published by Rebellion, the Misty 2024 Special, has a street date of July 17 for British newsagents, comic shops and the 2000 AD web storewith a Previews listing sure to come.

Misty 2024 Special
Cover by Tula Lotay

The new Misty’sspecial was announced over the weekend by Simone as part of her Wondercon panel. The new anthology special will feature four stories: three by Simone alongside artists Carola Borelli (The Deadliest Bouquet, Spider-Woman), Aly Fell (A Trick of the Light) and Marianna Ignazzi (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); with the fourth entirely composed by writer/artist Letty Wilson (Owl People). The cover for the Misty 2024 Special is being provided by Tula Lotay.

Misty was a legendary British weekly horror comic produced explicitly for a readership of young girls. Published by London-based publisher Fleetway and pioneered by 2000 AD founding editor Pat Millsthe comic began in 1978 and ran for over 100 issues before being folded into rival girls comic tammy in 1980. It is still fondly remembered by British comics enthusiasts to this day.

Rebellion, who have acquired much of the IPC-Fleetway stable and IP, have worked at reviving the comic through a combination of classic reprints as part of its Treasury of British Comics imprint and recurring specials featuring new takes on fan favorites – often combined with revivals of characters from young boys weekly scream. Five such specials have been published by Rebellion, the last of which being the 2020 Misty Winter Special

In a press release Rebellion said,

“Dare You Read It Alone? A classic horror series rises from beyond the grave in 2024, featuring four brand-new chilling adventures from some of the most terrifyingly talented creators in comics!

“…Mistythe classic horror series for young women, has been resurrected by megastar writer Gail Simone, who is being joined by a murderers’ row of talent for an all-new 48 page anthology special publishing on the 17th July 2024.”

The press release further teased what to expect in each of the four spooky stories to take place there,

  • “In Eleven Lonely Deaths, a true-crime podcaster visits a decades-old crime scene where eleven women lost their lives at the hands of a vicious strangler. There, he meets a mysterious young woman who knows more about the crimes than should be possible…”
  • “At The Pub at the End of the Road, an unscrupulous landlord of a dreary pub in the English countryside makes his gifted daughter work her fingers to the bone, and turns a blind eye to the customers’ wandering hands. She seeks solace in a secret love… until she’s forced to use her extraordinary gifts…”
  • Happy Birthday, Mrs. Parker is set in a small English town where nothing’s been quite the same since the murders of eleven women some years ago…”
  • “The Cracked Glass – a tale too terrifying to even tell you about! Writer/artist Letty Wilson has some dark surprises in store for readers…”

Here is some teaser art for the 2024 Misty Special,

misty1 misty4 misty3 mistyp2


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