Anette Olzonthe former powerhouse vocalist of NIGHTWISH and one half of the dynamic duo behind THE DARK ELEMENT alongside former ARCTIC SONATA guitarist Jani Liimatainenyou have released a new solo single, “Day Of Wrath”. The track is taken from her de ella third solo album, “Rapture”due on May 10 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Set to captivate audiences worldwide, “Rapture” promises to deliver an electrifying blend of heavy melodies and soaring vocals that solidify Olzon‘s esteemed status as one of the premier female voices in the metal genre.

Following in the footsteps of her critically acclaimed second solo album, “Strong”, Anette once again teams up with acclaimed Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson to craft a musical experience that pushes boundaries and excites the senses. Together, they have curated a collection of songs that showcase Anette‘s unparalleled vocal range, complemented by Karlsson‘s masterful riffs and the addition of growls by Johan Husgafveladding a dynamic layer to the album’s sound.

“Rapture” Seamlessly navigates through various musical genres, from symphonic to melodic power metal, with hints of melo-death, while maintaining an irresistibly catchy and melodious essence. Olzon‘s performance on this album is her most versatile yet, proving her ability to evolve and innovate while staying true to her signature style.

Renowned mixer Jacob Hansenknown for his work with PRETTY MAIDS, VOLBEAT and THE DARK ELEMENTreturns to the fold to ensure that “Rapture” achieves the perfect balance between heaviness and hookiness, resulting in an album that is both impactful and memorable.

“Rapture” is set to unleash its sonic fury upon the world, cementing Olzon‘s status as a force to be reckoned with in the metal music scene. Prepare to be swept away by the sheer power and beauty of Anette Olzon‘s “Rapture”.

“Rapture” track listing:

01. Heed The Call
02. rapture
03. Day Of Wrath
04. Requiem
05. Arise
06. Take A Stand
07. Cast Evil Out
08. Greedy World
09. Hear My Song
10. Head Up High
eleven. We Search For Peace

Recording linup:

Anette Olzon – Vowels
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Anders Köllerfors – Drums
Johan Husgafvel – Growls

The music video for the LP’s first single, “Heed The Call”can be seen below.

Olzon shares: “‘Heed The Call’ is a culmination of passion, energy, and creative expression, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to life.”

The Swedish-born singer originally joined NIGHTWISH in 2007 and recorded two studio LPs with the band before being dismissed in 2012 in the middle of the group’s North American tour. She was replaced by former AFTER FOREVER frontwoman Floor Jansen.

Olzon reflected on her time with NIGHTWISH in a 2021 interview with Finland’s Chaoszine. Asked how she looks back on the entire five-year experience, she said: “Well, it’s mixed emotions. It was a hell of a ride. You know how it was with the media in Finland. And for me, I didn’t understand what was happening because I didn’t know how big the band was, since I don’t live in Finland. So it was really fun the first years with everything and also crazy. I wasn’t home a lot. They did their heaviest touring when I joined. All of a sudden, they wanted to do so many long weeks [on the road]. I remember just that I had a five-year-old son [and] I came home after five weeks. I was home one week. I didn’t almost have time to unpack my bags before I went off again for four weeks. So I don’t remember everything, to be honest. There are so many things that I don’t remember. And also, of course, the last years where it wasn’t such a nice atmosphere between us. And I had my third child, and things happened.

“So I remember it both with really happy, happy feelings, but also with very, very negative and sad feelings,” she explained. “But, of course, it was an amazing experience, and it was my dream that came true to be a full-time singer in an amazing big band Y ellos are a super-good band. So I bless the albums that we did and will always cherish that time, of course.”

Not long after Olzon was fired from NIGHTWISH 11 years ago, she claimed that an argument arose between her and NIGHTWISH when she asked for an Australian tour to be postponed during her pregnancy. Keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen suggested that Jansen should front the band on a temporary basis, but Olzon said no.

Anette explained in a 2014 interview: “I would have been too pregnant to go to Australia, so I wanted to push the dates back, but Tuomas I didn’t want that. Discussions about a substitute came up, and at first, I was, like, ‘Yeah, well, okay.’ But when they mentioned Floor, it was an automatic ‘no’ from me. I didn’t think it was a good idea, because I knew what would happen — I knew the fans would love Floorbecause she’s a metal singer and I’m a pop singer, and I wanted to keep my job.”

A year after NIGHTWISH fired Olzon, the band released a statement denying that she was dismissed because of pregnancy or illness. “We discovered her personality didn’t fit this work community, and she was even detrimental to it,” the group said. NIGHTWISH went on to say that Anette was initially receptive to the idea of ​​hiring a temporary replacement if she couldn’t “manage everything,” but that later “took back her decision, and the difficulties really started. Fear of losing money and position seemed obvious.” The band also insisted that “Anette and his company” were “paid a fifth of everything that was done during his time” with NIGHTWISH.

Since the end of her stint with NIGHTWISH, Olzon also formed THE DARK ELEMENT with Liimatainen. The group’s self-titled debut album was released in 2017; to follow-up, “Songs The Night Sings”came out in 2019.

Olzon and noted progressive metal vocalist Russell Allen (SYMPHONY, ADRENALINE MOB) released a collaborative album titled “Worlds Apart” in March 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl. The project was issued under the moniker ALLEN/OLZON. A follow-up album, “Army Of Dreamers”arrived in 2022.



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