Forester’s fourth studio album is a reminder that sometimes all we need is to stop and listen to the music of the natural world.

Even in the broad landscape of dance music, few acts manage to capture the essence of mother Earth with the poetic grace and sonic depth of Forester. The release of the indietronica outfit’s latest album, moonlightserves as the final installment in a series exploring nature’s elements—fire, earth, water and now air—each album weaving together a narrative of sound that’s reflective of the duo’s own connection to the environment and to each other.

From the serenity of “Sunrise” to the calming introspection of “All I Need,” moonlighttakes us on an auditory exploration across soundscapes and states of mind alike. Madeline Megery’s tranquil vocals in “Sunrise” sketch the peaceful splendor of dawn’s first light, establishing a serene backdrop for the album.

The vibrant collaboration with Jerro on “Breathless” emerges as a particularly spirited moment where rock riffs and luminous synthesizers converge to elicit a profound catharsis. Meanwhile, “Lost In Paradise” (with Boo Seeka) weaves a narrative of limitless bliss and the thrill of discovery, reminding us that the best things in life are free.

Forester’s dedication to environmental conservation permeates not only their music, but also their actions. In conjunction with the album’s release, the duo has announced a North American headlining tourduring which they will partner with One Tree Planted and engage in local beach clean-ups.

Listen tomoonlightbelow and stream the new album here.




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