Fonseca releases his new single “Pedacito de Playa”, a merengue gem recorded in the Dominican Republic, part of the album Tropicalia.

“Little piece of beach” It was completely produced in Santo Domingo, with the participation of talented local musicians such as Janina Rosado from 4:40 on the piano and her husband “Chocolate” on the tambora and the Dominican güira. This collaboration highlights the authenticity and Caribbean flavor that permeates the song.

Fonseca gives us a merengue gem

The song, described by Fonseca as one of his favorites from the Tropicalia album, is a true merengue gem. Its romantic lyrics, combined with a lively rhythm and distinctive musical elements such as the güira, tambora and accordion, make “Pedacito de Playa” a captivating listening experience.

The chorus of the song, composed by Fonseca together with Yadam González, Carlos Santander and Wendy Besada Rodríguez, says: “I want to walk around your back, and on a starry night, let us dance together until morning, I want your love and mine to be missed, so that you never leave.” The production was in charge of Fonseca and Yadam González, ensuring exceptional quality in every note.

This single is accompanied by its music video directed by Colombian Santiago Díaz Vence. Recorded on the paradisiacal beaches of Bayahibe and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the video not only complements the song, but is also part of a campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism in the area.

Inspiration and Collaboration

Fonseca has expressed on multiple occasions his admiration for the Dominican Republic and his gratitude for having worked with Juan Luis Guerra, one of his greatest influences. “To record ‘Pedacito de Playa’ we said that we wanted to do it in the Dominican Republic, where we are going to find a paradise to be the context for our songs,” said Fonseca, highlighting the inspiration he has found in the Caribbean country.

Part of the Tropicalia Album

“Pedacito de Playa” is part of the album Tropicalia, an extraordinary production that pays tribute to the genres that have influenced #Fonseca and which he considers to be “tropical.” Since its release, the album has received an extraordinary response from both the media and the general public.

Let us remember that the first single from Tropicalia, “Si Tu Me Quiere” Feat. #Juan Luis Guerrawon a Latin GRAMMY® last year in the category of “Best Tropical Song.” The expectation generated by Tropicalia has led Fonseca to promote the album in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia and #Spain.