Although Karol G and Feid’s relationship has been confirmed, there are many fans who are still waiting for the courtship to become official, since neither of them has publicly acknowledged it.

Furthermore, they also do not share content in which they are seen together in an emotional way and with which the romantic relationship that the two artists have had for some time can be ensured.

However, with the little that has been known and the times in which they have been seen, that they are holding hands in some activities or also in a couple of emotional situations, the world of entertainment continues to think that courtship Yes, it exists and they are more in love than ever.

And this time everything seems to indicate that Karol G would be more interested in maintaining the privacy of her alleged relationship, compared to the one she had a while ago with the Puerto Rican Anuel AA; For this reason, the Paisas prefer to only give clues about what is theirs and avoid many details.

This determination was supported at some time by the public, and the expectation to see them together became a bet that Colombian singers took advantage of, as they have released music and collaborations in which the two appear, they have performed in some concerts and pleasantly surprise to his fans, among other similar actions.

Fans complain to Feid about Karol G

But apparently the suspense would already be tiring people and in the last carousel of photos that Feid posted on his Instagram profile, his more than twelve million followers complained about the absence of publications where he is seen in the company of Karol G .

According to the photographs, Ferxxo and Bichota would have been together at the end of the year, they could even have been on several important dates, since the similarity of the settings and some accessories account for that, but they did not publish Not a single image with the person who would be his girlfriend, since in all of them he appears alone.

For this reason, some of the fans came out in defense of the relationship and complained to the artist, asking about the day on which he is going to post photos with Karol G and make their courtship official. Some even stressed to him that Carolina Giraldo (the singer’s first name) would have given more clues and details about her relationship with him.

In December, the singer of Mañana will be nice uploaded a video of her new song Qué chimba de vida and in the clip people and moments appear that made life special for her throughout the year 2023. There she is seen for a few seconds next to Feid and caused a sensation on social networks at that time.

This is how Internet users asked the paisa to do the same and show off one of the most important women in the Colombian music industry.

“When are you going to upload a photo with Karol G?”, “Many of us doubt that you are Karol G’s partner”, “When are you going to post a photo with expensive?”, are some of the comments that were left on the publication.

It is worth mentioning that the rumors about the romance between the Medellín singers have been going on for almost two years and it was not until 2023 that they began to be seen publicly together at times, but not exactly revealed by themselves, but by third parties.


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