The US-based company had a low-key arrangement with the team last season that covered the three American races in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

That has now extended to a full global partnership with its logos featured on the cars and on drivers’ overalls.

Founded in 2004, Nasdaq-listed Celsius Holdings sold an 8.5% share of its business to beverage giant PepsiCo for $550 million in 2022, and it has a current market capitalization of around $12.5 billion.

Celsius sees F1 as a key part of its expansion plan, having recently announced a move into Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In both the USA and Canada the brand is distributed by PepsiCo, while its British and Irish partner is Suntory.

Given that the deal has its roots in last year’s US-only arrangement, the arrival of Hamilton at Maranello in 2025 will provide the company with a welcome and unexpected boost to its global marketing efforts.

Hamilton has hitherto long been associated with Monster energy drinks. However the company’s deal with his Mercedes team and its personal arrangement with the seven-time world champion both concluded at the end of last season, and it has switched to McLaren by 2024.

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Any energy drink brands that enter F1 are inevitably taking on Red Bull on its home ground, the Austrian company having been a major player since its first entry with Sauber in 1995.

Apart from Monster and the failed title sponsorship deal between Rich Energy and Haas most F1 deals in the sector have tended to be relatively low-key.

Ferrari previously had a partnership with the TNT brand that ran from 2012 to 2014.

“We’re delighted that having come on board with us last year we are now expanding our collaboration with Celsius, who become a global Scuderia Ferrari team partner for the 2024 season and beyond,” said Ferrari’s chief racing revenue officer Lorenzo Giorgetti.

“Celsius will provide our drivers and team members with essential energy to help them perform at their best throughout an intense 24 grand prix season. “We look forward to working with Celsius on new assets and experiences for our global fan base.”

The brand’s executive vice president marketing Kyle Watson added: “Celsius shares with Scuderia Ferrari a competitive spirit that powers drivers, fans and consumers to perform their best and live fit on and off the track.

“We couldn’t be happier to continue to grow our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari’s world class F1 team who shares our passion to elevate their everyday lives and perform at the highest level.”