Feid Challenges Censorship on TikTok Following Universal’s Removal of His Songs

In a surprising twist, record giant Universal has removed Feid’s songs from TikTok, unleashing a whirlwind of challenges for the renowned Colombian artist and his followers. Disagreements over contract renewal between Universal and Feid led to this drastic decision, leaving fans in a moment of uncertainty regarding the visibility and promotion of his music on the popular platform.

The singer, affectionately known as Ferxxo, is facing a momentary void in his presence on TikTok, where approximately 80% of his posts now resonate silently. This situation poses a unique challenge, as TikTok had become a crucial bastion for fan interaction with the artist’s songs and content.

In response to this unexpected censure, Feid opted for a creative and brave approach. He shared videos where he is seen dancing to the rhythm of his songs, but with a clever modification to the music, in an attempt to “mislead” TikTok administrators. A gesture that demonstrates the artist’s determination to not let himself be silenced and to continue connecting with his more than 13 million followers.


♬ SbmSalsaSunday BUBABLU – sbmmusica

“They don’t remove us from TikTok even for the whores“Feid expressed in the middle of his dance, marking his firm position in the situation.

The reaction from the followers was immediate and positive. They supported Ferxxo, encouraging him to continue challenging censorship and finding solutions to keep the connection with his audience alive through TikTok. The fans’ loyalty to Feid was evident, highlighting the deep mark that the artist has left in the world of reggaeton.

The contract dispute between Universal and TikTok included crucial points about protecting artists from the adverse effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and ensuring fair compensation. Universal alleged that TikTok’s fee proposal was “a fraction” of what other major platforms are paying in similar situations, resulting in the removal of songs from various artists, including Karol G, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Drake and more.

This chapter of digital censorship raises questions about the balance between artists’ rights and digital platforms, as Feid and others affected seek to overcome obstacles and keep music alive in the age of artificial intelligence.


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