Feid Announces FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR: A Musical Explosion That Will Embrace the World

The charismatic Colombian artist, Feid, has unleashed fever among his followers by officially announcing the long-awaited FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR, an international tour that promises to bring his vibrant music to an endless list of countries. Although the exact dates are still shrouded in mystery, Feid has lit the spark of anticipation by activating a sign-up on his website, allowing fans to receive the ticket sales link as soon as more details are revealed.

The registration process has not only unleashed excitement among fans, but has also dropped intriguing clues about the destinations that will be part of this musical odyssey. With options that include from Colombia to Australia, passing through Spain, Feid is preparing to dye stages around the world green.

The unknown about the exact start date of the tour has led fans to speculate: will it be in 2024 or 2025? The uncertainty adds a touch of intrigue to the wait, generating palpable expectations among followers.

In a revelation that is sure to make Spanish hearts flutter, Feid confirmed his presence in Spain, with Madrid standing out as one of the key stops on his tour. The full list of countries includes a spectacular geographic range, from Latin America to Europe, Asia and beyond.

The excitement generated by the announcement was so overwhelming that, minutes after sharing the registration link, Feid’s website experienced a flood of visitors, resulting in a brief outage. Fortunately, the artist’s team quickly resolved the issue, allowing fans to secure their spot on the waitlist.

With Feid having no concerts scheduled for 2024 (except for some confirmed festivals), speculation suggests that the FERXXOCALIPSIS WORLD TOUR could roll out this year. Have you already registered? Don’t miss a single beat of the exciting news that this explosive world tour will bring. The countdown has begun!


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