February 14 with Bad Bunny: A Review of the Premieres that Marked the Day of Love

Since 2018, Bad Bunny has marked every February 14 with musical premieres that have left their mark, establishing himself as one of the most important and influential artists in Latin music. Although 2022 was an exception, Benito did not disappoint when he returned in 2023 with “Ojitos Lindos”, a collaboration with Bomba Estéreo that has already accumulated 217,676,937 views on YouTube, forming part of his album “Un Verano Sin Ti”.

Bad Bunny not only conquers hearts with love songs, but also explores heartbreak. In 2018, she surprised the world with “Amorfoda,” a ballad that only needed a piano and deep lyrics to surpass one billion views.

2019 brought with it the official video for “Si Estuviésemos Juntos”, a piece that is part of the album “X100PRE” and that has reached more than 566 million views on YouTube.

In 2020, just before February 14, “Ignorantes” arrived, a romantic duet with the Panamanian Sech, which became one of the most popular songs of the year, part of the album “YHLQMDLG” and accumulating more than 341 million views .

The following year, Bad Bunny joined forces with Rosalía for “La Noche de Anoche”, a song that was part of “El Último Tour del Mundo” and reached more than 637 million views.

2022 did not have specific premieres for February 14, but Bad Bunny returned in 2023 with “Ojitos Lindos”.

For 2024, mystery hangs over their plans. Rumors point to a possible sequel to “Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow” or the release of the official video for “Seda” with Bryant Myers. Although there are few certainties, what is certain is that Benito will surprise us again this February 14, consolidating his tradition of giving his fans unforgettable music on the day of love and friendship.


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