In 1993, an intimidating-looking guy of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent arrived on the US Rap scene with the album “Represent”, under the stage name “Fat Joe Da Gangsta” and the rest is history, a chaotic childhood. It led him to take Hip Hop as an outlet and escape route and today he has become one of the most acclaimed artists in his musical genre, he is characterized by being just as direct in his interviews as he is in his songs:

Fat Joe: “I know Daddy Yankee before he was famous, when I came to Puerto Rico he was everywhere with me, you can’t deny it, I would go into a hotel at 8:00 pm at 8:01 pm He was with us, first of all, because I knew him from the Bronx, I was in the streets and I know Daddy Yankee from the streets, by saying this I am not being a “snitch” since that is old and for every rapper who Someone real like Fat Joe explains that you were on the street, score one (an achievement). He was always behind me; did not know anybody. Years passed, Lean Back (a hit song by Fat Joe and Remy Ma) came out. I was already famous at that time. “Lean Back” came out, which was number one for forty-seven weeks, and “La Gasolina” also came out, which broke it at the same time. time and I’m happy for Daddy Yankee, proud, That’s my brother, he did it, you’re great!!, but I hadn’t seen him, we had a concert at “Madison Square Garden” I go in and see Daddy Yankee in his dressing room and looks at me as if I were rubbish, but we are both number one at the same time, we are both Puerto Ricans, I have known you for fifteen years, I wanted to celebrate with him, but he broke my heart there and “That is my truth, that is my story.”

Your opinion about “6xi9ine.

Fat Joe: “Tremendous garbage, he did the opposite of what Tempo did, if you don’t want to go to jail, don’t commit crimes. If you are on social media showing wads of cash and high-end cars and you don’t have a job, the feds see you and say: “Where does this guy get that money?” They investigate you and you go to jail, I mean, you are giving yourself away. But people like 6xi9ine who put so many people in prison, many are sentenced to fifteen and twenty years and he is not, I see it very badly, there is no justification, that boy was sending people to do things.”